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    Image masking made simple.

    Image masking doesn’t have to be complicated. With Mask AI’s machine learning technology and easy trimap technique, you can power through image masking in record time.
    Topaz Mask AI edit

    How We’ve Simplified Image Masking

    Compared to Photoshop, Mask AI doesn’t need tedious brushwork to get a high-quality mask. And there’s no need to learn complicated icons and tools. With Mask AI you only need to roughly outline your subject in blue, one click fills what you want to cut, one click fills what you want to keep, and press “Compute Mask”. It’s really that simple. Our neural network has been trained to distinguish tough edges, so you can get a great mask on the first attempt.

    Topaz Mask AI

    Brush to compute.

    Simply paint a blue line around the edges of what you’d like to compute. The best part is, you don’t have to be perfect — just keep a little bit of the subject and the immediate area you’d like to mask inside of it. Our technology will do the heavy lifting.

    Select the red fill button to fill the area you’d like to remove and fill any areas to keep with green. Select either AI or Contrast mode to generate your mask! AI is the ideal mode for more complex masking, like trees, hair, fur, or any image containing a lot of details. This mode will be slightly slower. The Contrast mode is a faster, rougher mode, but may perform better in images with little contrast separation between foreground and background.

    Pro-Tip: With the new “Auto” button, you can let Mask AI auto-detect your subject and create a trimap for you as a quick starting point!

    Brush to refine

    Our smart brushes (Cut, Keep, and Compute) utilize our technology and enable you to make clean and accurate refinements without the pressure of painting perfectly. Our machines will make the decisions for you and speed up your workflow!

    Topaz Mask AI software

    Slide to perfect.

    Use the post-processing sliders to perfect your mask quickly!


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