Parallels Desktop Business Edition 19 – Run Windows on MAC

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    Parallels Desktop Business Edition 19 – Lifetime License

    Lifetime Activation – For MAC
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    Run Windows on Mac.
    Easy. Powerful. Seamless.

    Power up your Mac to run Windows on a virtual desktop, plus get access to more than 200,000 of its apps to work, develop, study, test, and play. Authorized by Microsoft.

    Parallels Software is a virtualization platform that allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single physical device. This technology is particularly valuable for users who need to switch between different environments, such as running Windows on a Mac or vice versa. Parallels Software creates a virtual machine (VM) that operates independently within the host system, providing a seamless experience for users.

    Parallels Desktop 19 windows

    Experience the best of both macOS and Windows with Parallels Desktop for Mac, unlocking powerful performance and seamless interaction

    Parallels Desktop 19 2023

    We’ve supercharged running Windows on Mac. Discover new features in your favorite software, boost your productivity, and transform your Windows experience.


    Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac introduces ongoing innovations, presenting a state-of-the-art and dependable virtual computing experience within your Mac, accompanied by a refreshed design. Experience improved compatibility with macOS Sonoma 14 and heightened virtual machine functionality on Apple silicon Mac computers. The shared printing options have been re-engineered, now leveraging the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), offering a broader range of printing choices and ensuring smoother interactions on Mac computers equipped with Apple silicon.

    Achieve peak performance on Apple Silicon Macs and beyond with the latest release. This update introduces a new option for Linux VM on Apple silicon, allowing the use of Rosetta for running x86-64 binaries. It also supports Docker for executing x86-64 containers in Arm-based Linux VM and ensures compatibility with the Packer tool for streamlining CI/CD workflows. The release encompasses CentOS 9 Stream and an updated selection of Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 22.04.2, Fedora 38, and Debian 12.

    Furthermore, enhanced features for macOS virtual machines on Apple silicon include support for VM suspend and resume, dynamic resolution adjustment, synchronization of keyboard layout with Mac hardware, and the integration of multitouch gestures with Trackpad functionality.

    Superpower your business with a Microsoft-authorized solution for running Windows 11 Enterprise on Mac computers with Apple silicon, improving support for enrollment of Windows 11 in Microsoft Intune for centralized Windows management in the organization.


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