Autodesk InfraWorks 2023 for conceptual design – Lifetime Activation for Windows

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    Autodesk InfraWorks 2023 for conceptual design – Lifetime Activation for Windows

    Lifetime Activation – No extra fees in the future.
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    InfraWorks: Model building and infrastructure design concepts with real-world context

    What is InfraWorks?

    InfraWorks® conceptual design software helps you model and understand design projects, in context. Use it to:

    • Aggregate volumes of data to generate information-rich context models

    • Streamline processes with conceptual design tools that incorporate engineering principles

    • Use compelling visuals to evaluate your designs and clearly communicate intent to stakeholders

    Why use Autodesk InfraWorks 2023?

    Work in real-world context

    Bring together extensive data from different sources to ground your designs in reality.

    Create accurate, visually rich conceptual designs

    Rapidly conceptualize, evaluate, and iterate on roadway, site, rail, water, and other infrastructure projects.

    Communicate ideas with stakeholders

    Produce photorealistic visualizations to improve understanding and communicate your designs.

    Generate rich context models

    Aggregate large volumes of data to generate contextual models, seamlessly integrate geospatial data into designs, and model existing conditions that represent built and natural environments.

    Explore and visualize design options

    Explore conceptual designs in context, with analysis and simulation tools that let you explore important features of projects. Compelling, immersive visual experiences help you communicate design intent.


    Road and highway design
    Conceptualize roadways in context of the surrounding scene. Visually assess variables such as elevation, width, cross-slope, and grading configurations to optimize designs.

    Autodesk-InfraWorks-2023 cars

    Site design
    Generate a base model from various sources, including survey-grade terrain data. Lay out parcels, grading, coverages, city furniture, and more to complete your design concepts.

    Autodesk-InfraWorks-2023 road

    Rail design
    Use built-in tools to design tracks and switches and set up assemblies like capping layer and ballast. Analyze rail corridors and calculate quantities to optimize for cost and impact.

    Water infrastructure design
    Conceptualize watersheds, culverts, and drainage networks. Use rainfall content and flood simulations to optimize designs of drainage structures and networks. 

    Bridge design
    Design precast and steel plate bridges with support for deck, abutment, piers, girder, and bearing components. Analyze and verify the structural strength of bridge girders.