Optitex 21 Fashion Design Software | 2D/3D CAD CAM


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    Optitex 21 Fashion Design Software | 2D/3D CAD CAM

    New Optitex Software Fashion Design Software Full package : 
    -Optitex Marker 21
    -RunwayViewer 21
    -Fabric Meter 21
    -OptiTex Viewer 21
    -Optitex PDS 21
    -AvatarEditor 21


    For Windows only  —  Lifetime Activation
     For one device. 

    Features - Garment Fit Analysis-Fashion Design Software

    Optitex software Fashion Design Software

    Through our passion for eco-friendly digital workflows and holistic solution approach, we are able to set new standards for time-to-market, on-demand manufacturing, cost efficiency and automation on a global scale.

    Exceptional rendering of avatars and materials.
    Enjoy superior accuracy in creating digital samples with a variety of materials, and create even more attractive customer- and buyer-facing images, including:

    • Professional control on lighting environment, materials, and scene details
    • Translucent avatar skin and realistic hair
    • Extended Sample pack avatars, such as dark complexion avatar, off-white kids’ avatars, floor and parametric leg models
    • 58 Awesome new materials from Vizoo & swatchbook.us added to the Optitex software library, plus additional 70 Swatchbook materials are available for free download
    • New material effects – embroidery, beveled logos & multi-layered applique-like materials
    • Enhanced support for Vizoo’s high-definition custom materials imported by our customers
    • Support for new ultra-fast Nvidia Ampere architecture cards: GeForce RTX 30 Series and Quadro A6000

    Improved workflows.
    With Optitex software 21, you’ll benefit from user-defined workflows for specific styles, and create Mix & Match simulation for your line and range reviews:

    • Fast and easy way to create multi-garment combinations with an exquisite mix & match of colorways for line and range reviews
    • Simplified workflow to create puffy jackets, and draping long dresses on a floor

    Optitex Marker.
    Enhanced buffer definition enables greater flexibility when defining different buffers for different edges of a piece, plus, marker table is now divided to up to six areas for improved handling of shading variance across fabric width with automatic nesting. We’ve also added new parameters on Optitex to Marker reports, with complete info on pieces placed on marker table, as well as stripe/plaid parameters, and a new batch command, to automate adding flaws to a material.

    Virtual Tension Map

    Inspect simulated cloth using a tension map to view the exact value of tension, distance, and stretch between the cloth and the avatar.





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