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    Topazlabs Gigapixel AI 

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    Increase image resolution instead of just enlarging pixels.

    Topazlabs Gigapixel AI helps you do a single thing very well: increase image resolution in a natural way. This is pretty hard to do. Most upscaling algorithms don’t know how to accurately fill in missing pixels, so you end up with blocky low-quality results.

    To solve this problem, Gigapixel AI’s neural networks are continuously trained on a wide variety of sample images to understand how photorealistic detail looks. After learning from millions of images, it can now believably increase resolution on a wide variety of different subjects (portraits, wildlife, landscapes, architecture, etc) and image types (DSLR, web/compressed, CG). The results are often magical.

    “Gigapixel AI is essentially the ‘ENHANCE!’ meme in real life. It works so well that one of Topaz Labs’ biggest challenges is convincing customers that the examples on its site are real.”

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    Improve image quality.

    Gigapixel AI can make your image appear like it was captured with a much higher-quality camera. It’s been trained on enough images of different types of subjects (like portraits, landscapes, architecture, and more) to know what photo detail should look like. This allows you to increase your photo’s resolution and quality very naturally with minimal artifacts.

    Pixel count isn’t the only thing that affects image quality. Normally, if you start out with a low-quality image, you’ll just end up with a bigger low-quality image if you upscale it. Gigapixel AI’s technology can instead create very believable and natural image detail that can often look amazing.

    Normally enlarging an originally low-quality image will cause fuzzy square artifacts that visually degrade the image. Because Gigapixel AI was trained on an extensive dataset of mountain textures (among other subjects), it’s able to enlarge the image while simultaneously increasing the resolution. You almost can’t tell it was upscaled.

    Topazlabs Gigapixel AI  Enhance the texture of feathers

    Feathers are often difficult to enhance correctly; they need to be both sharp and soft in different places to look natural. While this is difficult for normal enlargement methods, Gigapixel AI understands how to increase feather detail in a believable way.

    Improve skin texture and sharpness

    Portraits are another tricky subject – especially skin texture – because we are all very sensitive to “unnatural” skin or faces. When upscaling portraits, Gigapixel AI adds believable skin detail and texture for the kinds of results you see above.

    Higher-resolution landscapes

    Topazlabs Gigapixel AITopazlabs Gigapixel AI

    Landscapes often look unnatural without fine detail. Gigapixel AI can add believable texture from existing detail and dramatically increase the image quality of your landscapes.

    More detailed cityscapes

    Topazlabs Gigapixel AITopazlabs Gigapixel AI

    Man-made architecture often have more straight and clearly-defined lines than nature. Gigapixel’s special “Lines” AI  model was trained specifically on architecture and objects for better results.


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