Micromat Techtool Pro 18 – Test and Repair your Mac

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    Micromat Techtool Pro 18 – Test and Repair your Mac


    Techtool Pro 18 is the ultimate software utility for keeping your Mac running like new. It’s a complete toolkit, ready to make your Mac work its best. Unlock comprehensive diagnostics, repair capabilities, and cutting-edge features, so you can say goodbye to slowdowns and glitches on your Mac. You can trust in Micromat’s decades of expertise to keep your Mac running at its best, and discover the ultimate in system maintenance and monitoring. Download Techtool Pro today.

    Micromat Techtool Pro


    Techtool Pro 18 now includes improved and updated drivers for reading SMART data on external drives on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. 


    Techtool Pro 18 continues to receive improvements to support the latest Macs, along with improvements in the tests and tools you rely on.

    Check Computer Suites

    Check Computer Suites

    Using the Check Computer Suites, you can set up a variety of test suites for your needs. Use the built-in Full, Intermediate or Quick suites or make your own suite of tests to perfectly suit your needs. The Full Suite does what it sounds like, running every test and checking every drive. The Intermediate Suite leaves out the Surface Scan test to help save time, while the Quick Suite tests your Mac excluding your disks, for a quick look at the health of your Mac’s hardware. Customize any of these or create your own suite from scratch to test your Mac exactly as you would like.

    Suite Scheduling 

    Suite Scheduling

    Check Computer Suites have gotten even better! Now, you can schedule when a suite will test, so you can perform diagnostics even when you’re away from your computer, or on the schedule of your choosing†​†​!

    Effortlessly maintain your Mac’s health by scheduling regular diagnostic tests and system checks. This proactive approach ensures that potential issues are identified and resolved before they disrupt your workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most.



    With the new Security Check tool, you can check your Mac for a number of security vulnerabilities. Issues are ranked by severity with actions you can take to alleviate issues.

    Evaluate a wide range of macOS security settings, identify vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions to fortify your valuable data against potential threats.



    Techtool Pro 18 continues to receive improvements to support the latest Macs, along with improvements in the tests and tools you rely on. The biggest changes can be found in the Cloning Tool.


    Drive Testing and Repair

    Drive Testing and Repair

    Your Mac’s hard drive, even if it is a Solid State Drive, is more likely to experience problems than any other component on your Mac. Because data changes so frequently, it can sometimes get scrambled. So, it’s important to be able to test drives for problems and then repair them. Sadly, if something is physically wrong with the drive, it will need to be backed up and replaced, but the sooner this type of damage is detected, the fewer files – like cherished memories and important personal documents – will be lost. Most drive problems, however, result from data being in the wrong place, and can be repaired using Techtool Pro’s Volume Rebuild tool. In addition to native Mac drive formats, Mac OS Extended and APFS, Techtool Pro supports testing and repair of MS-DOS (FAT32) and ExFAT formatted volumes.

    Emergency Startup Disk

    If your startup disk stops working, and you need another startup disk, Techtool Pro’s eDrive steps in to help. The eDrive is what you’ll use to test, rebuild or defragment your main hard drive, but it is really helpful if your main startup disk goes missing. Instead of fumbling for your install DVD, or relying on the Recovery HD’s limited functionality, the eDrive gives you quick access to Techtool Pro along with several handy Apple utilities. You can even add other programs if you like. Customize the size of your eDrive, up to 128 GB.*

    Protect Important Data

    Protect Important Data

    The best way to prevent data loss is to be prepared. In addition to a backup, Techtool Pro includes Techtool Protection, which keeps an eye on your trash, allowing you to undelete that file you didn’t mean to delete. You can also back up your directory structures, the ‘map’ of where your data lives, so that if you need to recover data from a corrupt drive, Techtool Pro’s Data Recovery tool will know exactly where to look. Better yet, use Techtool Pro’s Volume Cloning tool to create an additional backup. The Snapshot Recovery tool assists in recovering data from APFS volumes.

    Take It With You

    The portability of Techtool Protogo is included with every copy of Techtool Pro. Techtool Protogo allows you to create a bootable diagnostic device that contains Techtool Pro and all of its most powerful tools as well as any of your own utilities you may wish to install. You can then use this device to boot, check, maintain, and repair Macintosh computers as needed. Simply launch Protogo, choose Protogo from the Mode menu, and use it to set up a diagnostic disk.*

    Mac and iOS Battery Testing

    Techtool Pro has been able to test your Mac’s battery for quite a while. Recent reports have shown that battery condition can affect the performance of your iPhone and iPad. If your iOS device is connected to your Mac, Techtool Pro can now test your device’s battery, and give you a host of other important battery data as well. Find out if your iPhone or iPad is running at its full potential.

    Advanced Memory Testing

    Techtool Pro’s memory testing suite is the most comprehensive among general hardware utilities. Techtool Pro takes advantage of advancements used by ATOMIC, our dedicated Memory Tester, and integrates them into testing your memory. Now, memory is ‘cleaned’ before testing, reclaimed from macOS, maximizing the amount of RAM that can be tested.

    Diagnostics and Repair

    Start with Check Computer to perform a complete diagnostic check of your Mac and hard drives. A single click of your mouse runs a SMART Check of your hard drive to detect impending drive failure, a RAM test, analysis of disk directories and more. If problems are found, advice is provided on how to proceed to repair the problem. Use Check Computer regularly as a part of your preventive maintenance program. Customize testing using built-in preferences.


    Disk Speed

    Use Techtool Pro 18 to measure disk speed. Drive manufacturers advertise speeds that may not be realistic for real-world use, depending on the connection used, etc. Find out how your drive actually performs using the Drive Speed tool.

    Data Recovery

    Techtool Pro helps you recover your data from corrupted drives or volumes that don’t mount on the desktop to save the data to another location.† Use the Trash History feature to track the location of deleted files and increase the chance of their recovery in the case of an accidental deletion. Use the Snapshot Recovery tool to recover data on APFS formatted SSDs from saved snapshots.