Revo Uninstaller Pro – Uninstall software and remove from roots

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    Revo Uninstaller Pro – Uninstall software and remove unwanted programs

    Lifetime Activation – For Windows
    You will receive the software + the activation file


    • Complete powerful software uninstall
    • Expert 3-mode leftover removal
    • Quick Uninstall
    • Multiple/Batch Uninstall
    • Backup options and Uninstall History
    • Free professional technical support
    • Compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11

    Main features

    Here are just a few reasons to choose Revo Uninstaller for all of your uninstallation needs

    Windows Apps

    remove windows apps

    Browser Extensions

    remove popular browser extensions

    Advanced scanning for leftovers

    remove remnants of one or few programs

    Forced Uninstall

    remove stubborn programs

    Quick/Multiple Uninstall

    quick uninstall of one or few programs

    Real-Time installation monitor

    for complete uninstall

    Logs Database

    traced installation by our team ready to uninstall your installed programs

    Manage installation logs

    edit, review, share (export, import) logs

    Uninstall History Module

    keep track of uninstall operations

    delete leftover files

    Remove programs completely and effortlessly with Revo Uninstaller Pro.

    Revo Uninstaller Pro removes programs by first running the program’s built-in uninstaller and then scanning for leftover data, which can include files, folders, and entries in the Windows Registry, that may still exist and potentially cause various issues.

    Utilizing advanced scanning algorithms that have been finely tuned for more than 13 years, Revo Uninstaller Pro is the best choice for software removal.

    Revo Uninstaller Pro 5

    With the release of Revo Uninstaller Pro 5, we introduce the functionality to uninstall programs and apps for standard (non-admin) users, as well as the option to scan for leftovers for all available accounts (administrator or user) on the computer.

    Forced Uninstall

    The Forced Uninstall is a powerful module designed to tackle situations when a program’s built-in uninstaller is missing or isn’t functioning properly, allowing removal of programs that lack a built-in uninstaller, have been only partially installed or removed, or have become damaged. You can also use Forced Uninstall to perform manual leftover scans for programs that had been uninstalled without Revo Uninstaller pro.

    Forced Uninstall relies on the same proven scanning algorithm in Revo Uninstaller Pro, ensuring a thorough scan while maintaining a high accuracy. It also works in conjunction with our Logs Database in an attempt to achieve the best possible results for removal.

    Quick/Multiple Uninstall

    The Quick Uninstall is a 2-in1 feature that is Revo Uninstaller Pro’s solution for users who prefer to simplify and streamline the removal process as much as possible and/or wish to uninstall multiple programs in one go.

    Quick Uninstall will create one Registry backup and System Restore Point for the entire queue of programs, then proceed to uninstall each program by running its built-in uninstaller followed by an automatic leftover scan and removal. Revo Uninstaller Pro will attempt to run built-in uninstallers silently to speed up the process and allow for as little user involvement as possible.