FileCenter Suite 12 Pro Pus – FileCenter DMS , FileCenter Receipts , Automate , Portal For Windows


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    FileCenter Suite 12 Pro Plus
    Lifetime Activation for FileCenter Suite, includes:

    1.FileCenter DMS Pro Plus
    FileCenter Automate Pro Plus

    3.FileCenter Receipts Pro Plus
    FileCenter Portal
    For Windows 7,10 and 11
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    You will receive a link to download FileCenter Suite + license keys.

    FileCenter DMS:
    Easy Document Management and Powerful Productivity Tools

    Your fastest path to organized documents.
    FileCenter DMS makes it easy to scan, manage and find your files. Quickly organize your documents and eliminate the pain of dealing with the daily flow of computer files and paper.

    FileCenter DMS is the most fully-featured and affordable document management software for offices of all sizes. It combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It also includes OCR, search, and integration with Sharepoint and cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Feature-for-feature, FileCenter DMS delivers at a price the competition can’t touch.

    An intuitive filing system
    Organize your files in a filing system that makes sense – electronic filing cabinets. No complex databases, just regular Windows folders.

    One-click scanning and OCR
    Automatically scan and name documents based on their contents with just a couple of mouse clicks. Scanning doesn’t get any easier.

    PDF editor
    Do just about anything with PDFs. Create PDFs from any file, edit and annotate your PDFs, cut them apart or splice them together. All in one place.

    Easy to install, learn & use
    Most users can be up and running over a lunch break. Or let our installation experts handle the setup for you.

    Seamless integration
    FileCenter DMS works with the Windows programs you already use. No need to abandon the programs you love.

    Optional Cloud access
    SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and countless other Cloud services work seamlessly with the FileCenter solutions.

    FileCenter Receipts:
    Easy Receipts Management and Expense Tracking

    Your fastest path to organized receipts and expenses.
    FileCenter Receipts lets you easily capture your receipts and organize them in one place. Effortlessly track your expenses and create reports to ensure accurate reimbursements and deductions.

    Say goodbye to shoeboxes. There’s a better way to organize your receipts and track your expenses digitally: FileCenter Receipts. Easily scan and file those tiny bits of paper then pull the data into useful reports. Whether you’re a home user or a business user, FileCenter Receipts has you covered.

    The shoebox … improved
    A clean, simple interface and virtual receipt “boxes” make organization almost automatic. You’ll find it easy to keep your personal and work expenses separate.

    Capture receipts from anywhere
    Receipt software is only as good as its ability to capture receipts. Easily bring in receipts from your phone, PC, the web, or a scanner.

    Automatic receipt analysis
    FileCenter Receipts can automatically pull key information off of your receipts: vendors, dates, amounts, payment methods, etc.

    Flexible categories
    Tag your receipts with any number of tax or expense categories. Split your transactions into multiple line-items. Flexibility is the name of the game.

    Expense reports with receipts
    Powerful reporting makes it easy to generate tax deduction lists or expense reports. For even more convenience, you can automatically include copies of the receipts.

    Non-subscription, PC-based
    Your receipts belong to you. We won’t hold them hostage to a subscription. And they belong on your own computer, not the Cloud.

    Categorize and Track Your Expenses

    Most of us want a receipt organizer for one reason: tracking. We want to track our reimbursable expenses, our tax deductions, our medical costs – the needs go on and on. FileCenter Suite allows you to enter unlimited line items on every receipt and categorize each line item independently. There is no receipt too complicated for our expense tracking software to track.

    FileCenter Automate:
    Automated OCR and Content-Based Routing

    Speed up your scanning workflow.
    Automate your office’s most repetitive tasks: converting, naming, and routing files. FileCenter Automate makes your scans searchable then uses their contents to understand where they need to go.

    FileCenter Automate (formerly FileConvert) converts documents into searchable PDF files … in bulk. Whether your files are coming from a network scanner or sitting in existing folders, FileCenter Automate automates the OCR process of turning scans and images into searchable PDFs so you can find and edit your documents.

    Automated OCR
    Make your new and existing scans searchable … hands-free. FileCenter Automate monitors your system for new scans to OCR.

    Convert your files to PDF
    PDF is the new standard for file archival. Automatically convert your scanned documents – old and new – to the PDF format.

    Name documents from contentFile
    Center Automate brings rules-based intelligence to your documents, automatically naming and routing them from the document text.

    Leverage the power of barcodes
    Use the information in your document barcodes to separate, name, and route your documents automatically.

    Use jobs for bulk operations
    Let FileCenter Automate crawl your folders for files to convert. These jobs can handle thousands of conversions automatically.

    Works with network scanners
    FileCenter Automate can watch the output of network scanners and automatically handle new scans.

    Take advantage of OCR and convert to PDF technology

    PDF is here. Government offices require it, smart businesses use it. PDF is the standard for sharing and archiving files. Your challenge is converting a constant stream of paper documents and a disk full of old files to searchable PDF. Meet the solution. FileCenter Suite Automate automated OCR software works in tandem with your network scanner to capture the inflow of paper and convert it to fully searchable, archive-quality PDF. It handles existing files, like old scans, faxes, and Office documents, just as easily. FileCenter Automate will search your drives for files that match your criteria, OCR them, then convert to PDF in bulk, either replacing the originals or simply creating PDF copies for archiving. Optical character recognition runs transparently to make sure your files are ready for keyword searching.



    FileCenter Portal:
    Secure Client portal and Easy File Sharing

    A client portal is an electronic gateway to digital files and information that provides a secure sharing mechanism between an organization and its clients. It lets you easily and securely request or share files with anyone – clients, customers, vendors, employees. The process is no harder than sending an email.

    The FileCenter Portal is the most intuitive and affordable client portal for small offices. You can brand the portal with your logo and color scheme. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with our FileCenter document management program, so you can access it while working on your documents or in your web browser.

    Security first
    How is the Portal different than swapping files through email? Security. The Portal uses top security protocols to keep your sensitive documents safe in transit.

    An empasis on simplicity
    Exchange files easily with your clients. Through use of a web portal, there’s nothing they need to install. Upload and download files with point-and-click simplicity.

    Unlimited clients and guests
    Share files with individuals or groups. There’s no limit to the number of clients or guests you can share with.

    Email notifications
    When you share files, your clients will get an email notification with a simple link. For even more security, give your clients their own passwords.

    Tight integrations
    The Portal optionally integrates with FileCenter DMS to make it even easier to upload files without leaving FileCenter. Or upload files from Windows.

    Your own brand
    Customize the Portal to reflect your brand, including a web address that matches your business, your own logo, and your own colors.

    Client portal benefits for small businesses. Included in FileCenter Suite

    When it comes to sharing confidential documents, email just won’t do. So most small offices are turning to a secure document sharing portal that will safely exchange files with only the intended recipients. Documents are the life-blood of business, so keep yours safe from prying eyes. With the FileCenter Portal, you can enjoy secure file sharing with clients with the peace of knowing that your client’s sensitive information remains between you and them.


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