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    Boris FX Continuum Complete 2023 

    Boris FX Continuum Complete is the biggest release in its storied history with 80+ new effects, 1000+ new professionally-designed presets, 3 new Unit categories, major additions to Particle Illusion, a new keying effect, improvements to Mocha’s planar tracking, and more.

    • New! 80+ brand new HDR compliant plug-ins including film stocks, looks, and lighting gobos.
    • New! Particle Illusion is now 3D and includes turbulence and line generators.
    • New! Edge Cleaner recovers fine details while smoothing the edges of keyed compressed footage.

    Analog filmmaking meets digital video

    The Cinematographer’s Toolkit gives artists access to 80 new effects, 3 new Continuum Units, and 1000+ new presets that pay homage to the bygone era of shooting on film. The built-in FX Editor makes it simple to browse the presets and create your own custom presets directly inside the interface. Recreate classic Hollywood looks in just one click.

    Each new effect is GPU-accelerated, HDR compliant, and includes OCIO color management support.

    Film Stocks

    Quickly transform digital video into beloved analog looks.

    BCC+FilmStocks features nearly 300 customizable presets organized by color, black & white, photographic films, and motion picture film stocks including Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fuji, Agfa, and Polaroid. Easily adjust a film’s most important elements: black & white, film response, color correct, color filters, sharpen, diffusion, vignette, and grain.

    Look Development

    Easily establish a signature look for your film or episodic.

    BCC+Grade includes 85+ color grading presets from Academy Award-nominated films including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Frankenstein, Gone with the Wind, and Titanic.

    By Boris FX Continuum Complete , create your own custom look using a visual Color Wheels interface or manipulate hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma, cyan/magenta, RGB values, mid-tones, highlights, and shadows. Included in the Continuum Color & Tone Unit.

    BCC+Looks lets you create virtually any look with 65+ stylized color and black & white looks or tweak color correct, diffusion, color gradient, gels, lab, and grain modules.

    Optical Filter Simulations

    Get the look of glass camera filters without the hassle.

    Dial in the exact look your cinematographer wants with digital optical filter simulations that you can change at any time. Darken a sky with a polarizing filter, reduce wrinkles with diffusion filters, add stars to specular highlights with multi-star filters, saturate colors with enhancing filters, and add a pop of color with color-graduated filters.

    BCC+Optical Diffusion filters include Double Fog, Fog, Frost, Halo, Mist, Net, Rack Focus, and Silk.

    Boris FX Continuum Complete – Lights

    No more waiting for light setups! Add natural and realistic effects fast.

    Use Boris FX Continuum Complete to Create a stylized atmosphere with gobos, enhance a scene with realistic lens flares that can be customized with the new Flare Editor, add drama with volumetric light rays and glows, or choose a gel from the Kodak® Wratten set.

    BCC+Light includes BCC+Glow, BCC+Glow Darks, BCC+Glow Edges, BCC+Photographic, BCC+Color Gradient, BCC+Radial Tint, BCC+Sunset, and many more.