ABACOM LochMaster Software

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    ABACOM LochMaster Software

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    LochMaster is the perfect tool for anyone working on electronics projects using stripboard. It’s super handy for designing your board, keeping track of everything, and even testing your circuits.

    With LochMaster, you can easily check your connections to make sure everything’s working right. It even makes parts lists for you, so ordering the right stuff is a breeze.

    The design process is a piece of cake, too. There’s a huge library of parts and symbols to choose from, and you can even add your own. So if you’re into electronics and messing around with stripboard, give LochMaster a shot. It’s got everything you need to make your projects a success.

    Board templates

    LochMaster comes with a bunch of ready-made board layouts, but you can also make your own with the built-in editor. The boards can be pretty big, up to 1000mm by 1000mm. And if you need breadboard layouts, they’ve got you covered.

    Component library 

    There’s a whole library of stuff you can use in your designs, from electronic parts to nuts and bolts, and even other symbols. The components look super realistic, so it’s easy to keep things organized. You can also add your own components or change the existing ones to suit your needs. There’s even a handy tool to help you create standard parts or outlines you use a lot.

    LochMaster software

    Properties and extra fields 

    Making changes to your designs is simple, whether you want to tweak one thing or a bunch of things at once. You can even add extra info, like data sheets or links to suppliers.

    Components lists 

    LochMaster also automatically makes parts lists and order lists for your projects. You can export these to Excel with just a click.

    Potential test 

    LochMaster even helps you check for potential issues with your design. It follows the signal flow to find any unwanted connections and highlights areas that are connected. You can also mark specific points with different colors to keep track of things like power and ground.

    Front and back 

    You can view your design from both the top and bottom, and an X-ray feature lets you see through the board to the other side. There’s also a black and white outline view that can be helpful. You can even rotate the whole board in 90-degree increments if you need to.


    When you’re ready to print, LochMaster has you covered. You can print out a plan for assembling the components, as well as a reversed guide showing where to cut the tracks. It’ll show you a preview of the printout first, so you can make adjustments or change settings. You can even create different views of your board and arrange them on a single sheet of paper, or across multiple sheets if it’s a big design. If you’re working on a really big board, a special function will automatically split the printout across multiple pages so you can tape them together perfectly. And the software remembers your print settings for next time.

    HPGL export

    If you have a milling machine, you can export your design in HPGL format. This file will include the locations for drilling, milling paths, and track splits.